Astronomers Proposal Tool

The Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT) is a GUI-based software package proposers use to write, validate, and submit proposals for the James Webb Space Telescope.  (A separate branch of the tool is used for proposing to the Hubble Space Telescope as well.)  This article provides a high level view into the documentation available to support users in learning and using the APT software.

The JWST Astronomer's Proposal Tool is under development and subject to updates. Current documentation is based on APT v26.1, and may be revised with future APT releases.

The information below provides quick access to a range of articles on many aspects of APT.  In turn, many of these articles link to more detailed descriptions or to instrument-specific information that will support proposers in understanding JWST and proposing for observation time.

 An JWST APT Help Features article describes several different ways of getting assistance with APT-related tasks.  There are also a number of APT training materials and videos to help you learn to use this important tool.

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Latest updates

  • Updated for APT 27.1 release